We invite you to RISE & THRIVE at the


Tribu Resort

Los Cabos, Mexico

Friday, March 29th - Tuesday, April 2nd 2024

Align With Your Authentic Self To Create The Life You Want

Step into a higher vibrational state of being and know what you are truly capable of creating in your life.

Financial freedom, fulfilling relationships, and a life filled with joy are YOURS.

Remember what it feels like to LIVE again, to DREAM again, to FEARLESSLY BE who you really are. All this happens when you leave the past stories behind and align with your authentic self.

Join us at the Alignment Retreat to unlock the infinite potential that lies within you and manifest the life of your dreams.

Tap Into Higher Vibrational States

  • Shed the layers of accumulating stress & pressure

  • Discard the beliefs that keep you in a state of frenzied survival

  • Get back to the core essence of who you really are

  • Align with your Higher Self, the abundant creator

  • Harness your inner power to master the ability to manifest

What Awaits You At The Alignment Retreat?

A serene sanctuary where you can safely

  • Surrender

  • Relax

  • Fully Immerse in the present

We offer you a soul-reviving experience, a rejuvenating oasis for your body, mind, and spirit.

This is your chance to harness your inner strength and

step boldly into your power.

Our Mission is to Guide You to ALIGN With Your True Authentic Self

Retreat Testimonials

We're here to empower you and teach you how to master the art of making your dreams a reality

A Sacred Space

Tribu Todos Santos is an all-inclusive retreat center. This experience is a luxurious one. Leave your busy life behind and let your mind, body, and soul breathe as we completely take care of you.

Diligent staff are dedicated to optimizing comfort + enjoyment. World-class chefs are committed to providing the freshest, most mouth-watering of foods, designed for all diets. The Inner Yats Team is devoted to making this journey an exhilarating, magical, and an expansive one.

Who Is The Inner Yats?

The Inner Yats is a community that aims to empower people to create their most fulfilling lives. We offer a range of services, including group coaching programs and memberships, designed to help people heal from past wounds and trauma, create healthy relationships, and maintain boundaries.

We've hosted retreats all over the world and have guided thousands on their healing journey.

The Gauntlet is an eight-week immersive group coaching program that helps people heal their deep inner wounds and move beyond feeling stuck. The program utilizes powerful healing techniques such as Theta Level meditations, Nervous System Regulations, Conscious Nervous System Hyperactivations, Visualizations, and more.

Healthy You/Healthy Love is a four-week immersive group coaching program understanding patterns, controlling emotions & nervous system regulation for healthy relationships and healing root causes, including inner child healing, enabling participants to become their healthiest selves and lay the groundwork for fulfilling relationships.

The Inner Circle is a membership community that provides tools to unconditionally love oneself and maintain boundaries without holding onto past wounds and trauma.

Our biggest passion is to bring the best out of people by inspiring them to live with fearless authenticity. We help people see parts of themselves that were rejected, shamed or invalidated with trauma and conditioning, and bring them into the light with love and acceptance.

Your Facilitators

Yats Palat

Yats is an Innerwork + Relationship guru who has guided thousands of people on their healing journey.

Having grown up in Bangalore, India, he experienced his own trauma through physical abuse, scarce resources, + heavy conditioning.

But he did not let his past define him. Instead, he used it to fuel his own healing journey so he, in turn, could guide others. He learned the ancient arts + sacred practices of meditation + breathwork from gurujis. He studied social psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience, relational associations, attachment theory, reparenting and more to support his journey.

He learned a vast array of both Eastern + Western healing modalities from teachers, mentors, yogis and psychologists who mentored him along the way and taught him their methods. He used that training and his deeply intuitive, analytical nature to use a combined approach of all the techniques he uses himself and teaches to others.

Yats has a special gift in guiding meditation and breathwork as well as in psychoanalysis. He has the ability to get to the root cause of your problem in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

In more personal matters, Yats is a radiant, bright light of inspirational energy. He is an eternal optimist whose inherent energy lifts up those around him. He has a deep love for life and enjoying it. He has a beautiful way of leaving you better than you were when you first met him.

Kristina Kubala

Kristina is an innerwork facilitator and blogger. She has extensive background in early childhood development and worked as a pediatric speech therapist for 10 years, witnessing the ramifications of trauma first-hand. Kristina has healed her own childhood trauma of abandonment by her father who died from lung cancer as well as eating disorders, substance abuse, and a shattered sense of self worth.

Kristina holds a loving space healing. She has a vast capacity to not only understand others in their wounds, maladaptive behaviors, & toxic patterns, but to accept those people while also guiding them to elevate themselves to the next level of empowerment and development.

On a personal note, Kristina is an avid traveler who loves the great outdoors, hiking, and culture. She speaks Spanish and has visited almost every country in Latin America, living in Argentina for an extended amount of time. Much of that exposure to a different culture taught her how to heal her own cultural conditioning that left her feeling overwhelmed, over-worried, and burned out all the time. She has undone the masculine conditioning and tough exterior her upbringing forced her to overdevelop and has learned to embrace the full radiance and fulfillment of life.

What's Included

  • Each person can coordinate additional stay directly with Tribu

  • Friday welcome snack, drink + dinner

  • 3 meals, coffee, tea, water Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

  • Breakfast on last day, Tuesday

  • Lodging

  • Taxes

  • Gratuity

  • All excursions, workshops, yoga, ceremonies, and healing sessions

Optional Experiences

Temazcal ritual ceremony, sound healing, cacao ceremony, mala making workshop, spa services, and more!


What is the intention of this retreat?

The intention of this retreat is to help participants align with their authentic selves and tap into higher vibrational states to create the life they desire. This involves shedding stress, discarding limiting beliefs, and rediscovering one's true essence to achieve financial freedom, fulfilling relationships, and a joy-filled life. By leaving behind past stories and embracing their true selves, participants can unlock their infinite potential and manifest their dreams. The retreat aims to help individuals connect with their higher selves and harness their inner power for manifestation.

Travel Arrangements

Friday March 29th-Tuesday April 2nd (Easter Weekend)

Airport: Los Cabos International Airport: code SJD

Location: Tribu Todos Santos Retreat Center, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico (on Pacific Ocean RIGHT on the beach)

All inclusive – roundtrip transportation to and from Los Cabos airport, all meals + gratuity, all workshops + excursions

FAQ image

Can I spend extra nights outside the retreat?

Extending your stay will depend on availability. Inquire at

What should I bring?

Bring comfortable clothing. There will be a yoga session.

There will be a beach excursion for swimming, so bring a bathing suit & sunscreen.

Bring layers of clothing:

Daytime temperatures this time of year usually range in the mid to upper 80's °F (30 °C).

Nighttime temperatures low to mid- 60's °F (17 °C).

Are spa treatments available?

There is a full-service spa. It's recommended to make reservations in advance - Inquire at

Retreat center amenities

Hammock Lounge

Landscaped Gardens

Wood-burning Fire Pit

Zen Communal Kitchen

Full-Service Spa

Mountain bikes for exploring local beach lanes and desert trails

Access to yoga mats, props, and meditation cushions

In-Room body wash, shampoos and conditioner

Food considerations

The chef will accommodate special dietary restrictions such as gluten free or allergies.

Water bottles are available in all rooms and can be refilled with purified water available in the dining area & yoga studio. Tap water is not suitable for drinking.

Are pets allowed?

While we love animals, they are not permitted.


All rooms include: WiFi, AC, Full bath with shower & in-room personal safe

The King Single bed, on the 2nd floor of the boutique, offers private terrace & spectacular ocean views. There are only 3 of these available.

The Queen suite shared offers 2 queen beds and is also located on the 2nd floor of the boutique.

The tents are of teepee-like construction. Not your average canvas tent. Enjoy eco-chic luxury glamping! Super comfortable.

Do I need travel insurance?

We always recommend getting travel insurance when traveling outside your home country. We also highly recommend that your insurance covers things like cancellation charges, medical expenses, COVID-19 and loss of items.

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